No, not really. However…I’m going to buy one. Because…I can.

The only downside. They don’t have blue in this model. Oh, well. Who cares, right?

Had a test drive of the “smaller” model yesterday and considering it only had a one litre motor, it’s quite zippy. But, they didn’t have the model I want ready to test, so I’m waiting for a few days.

Edited: Have now had a test drive of the larger motored model (GS) and I found it…less than impressive. Actually, I thought the smaller motor (albeit turbocharged) was more impressive. Now I’m completely confused.

Do I need a larger motor in the car? Is a one litre (good heavens!!!) motor sufficient for my needs? Do I even know what my needs are? Can I just get the MG badge shoved on to my existing car?