On this day…

Today is the 125th anniversary of the birth of my grandfather Edward Charles Cannon.

  • Born 1 April 1893 in London to Benjamin and Emily Cannon
  • Serves in Royal Army Medical Corps as an Optician. Leaves army 1919 (poss)
  • Leaves London and arrived in Fremantle on 12 December 1923 on the Orvieto
  • Marries (maybe) Mary Josephine Nicholson on 1 December 1925 in Perth WA
  • Birth of Son, Edward Charles Cannon Junior (1926–) 12 Octobr 1926
  • Birth of Daughter, Cynthia Cannon (1928–) 28 December 1928
  • Death of Mary Josephine (wife) 26 September 1961
  • Death 1976 in Parramatta

Things I can’t find out so far:

  • How many siblings did he have and are they half siblings?
  • Why is he listed in the 1901 census as an “adopted son”?
  • Did he really marry in 1925?

The sleuthing continues!