Well. I guess the good news is that I’ve managed to track some of my paternal grandfather’s siblings.

The bad news is that one brother in particular is a very sad story.

Albert Brown perished when the hospital ship Centaur was sunk off Queensland in May 1943 on its way to Port Moresby during the Second World War. Albert, a Salvation Army officer (like so many from that side of the family), was in the Army but was part of the 2/12 Field Ambulance Australian Army Medical Corps.

Albert had married Ada Mary Saunders in 1941.

Also sad news on the other side of the family.

My maternal Grandfather’s family continues to be a mystery but I did discover that Pop’s mother died the day after the birth of his sister. It seems this lead to the dissolving of the family, with the baby sister apparently being farmed out to another family. It’s all fairly hazy 100+ years later. Horrible.