Due to not checking everything on the various census etc, I had got the wrong family on the Cannon side. I mean, what are the odds that there are two Benjamin Cannons, each marrying an Emily Butler and then both having a daughter named Elizabeth and a son name Benjamin.

As it turns out, quite good odds.

So, consequently, I got the wrong death date for my great-grandfather and it explains how great-grandmther Emily was in the 1901 Census, despite being…you know…dead since 1895. Sigh.

The moral of the story is to check all the available facts. It’s so tempting just to grab the first record that looks vaguely correct.

Upshot being that although I finally sorted out who’s who in the Cannon zoo, I also had to re-do that whole side of the family. Oh well.

After a few missteps with software (okay, a lot of missteps), I’ve finally settled on MacFamilyTree software, which although effectively very similar to others I’ve used (and bought), it runs natively on my Macs.

In other news, The Brain Cell has had the bajillion dollar MRI and has dodgy disks in her neck. Not much to be done but no more jumping for the spring loaded pooch. Which is harder to enforce that one would think.